Saturday, October 25, 2008

AHOPE Store Sneek Peak

Check out the AHOPE Store It just gets better and better. We are now offering Hoodies, Holiday cards, and Handcrafted Sterling Silver jewelry. Some of the items haven't been officially launched yet, but they are available. It's not too early to shop for the holidays!

If you are a sponsor, adoptive family, or a friend of AHOPE, you will be interested to know that the Sterling Silver pendants and key chains can be personalized on the back for no additional charge. A name, date, or up to five words can be added. They are fabulous!

We'll make an announcement about our new items on the AHOPE Yahoo group soon, but if you happened to stop by the blog, you got the special sneek peak.


Wednesday, October 8, 2008

AHOPE Store Items!

We are very excited about the AHOPE Store which benefits the children of AHOPE. Sales of T-Shirts and Bracelets are going strong. Thank you for your support. Hoodies, Long Sleeve T-Shirts, Specialty sterling silver jewelry, AHOPE Coffee, and Holiday Cards are now available!

Here are photos of some of our items:

Stainless Steel Bracelets which feature an AHOPE child's name, the AHOPE for Children logo, and the Amharic word for Hope. $10.00 each.

Honor a special child at AHOPE by commissioning a set of bracelets with his or her name. Memorial bracelets are also available to remember AHOPE children who have passed away.

The following items can also be ordered on our new AHOPE Store site, which is still under construction. Please check back often to see new items that are being added. Don't forget that it isn't too early to begin shopping for the holidays!

Youth Hoodie in Black $19.50. Adult Hoodies are also available.

Contemporary-Fit Unisex T-shirts in Espresso $20.00

Contemporary-Fit Ladies T-shirt in Clean Denim and Contemporary- Fit Unisex T-Shirt in Espresso (Black and White also available) $20.00

Youth T-shirts in Violet and Pink (Black and Natural also available) $10.00

Toddler T-Shirt in Black (Light Blue and Pink also available) $10.00

Infant One-Piece With Shoulder Snaps in Pink (Light Blue and White also available) $10.00

Thank you for stopping by the AHOPE for Children blog.