Thursday, December 4, 2008

T-Shirts for the Children

On November 10th a box full of AHOPE t-shirts left the US and headed to Addis Ababa. These shirts were made specifically for the children of AHOPE. This was made possible through your support of the AHOPE Store.

The t-shirts were a big hit! To the children, AHOPE is their family. They have a strong sense of pride in the AHOPE name and receiving these shirts was such a joy to them. In a world where HIV has such a stigma, it is wonderful to know that these kids have so much pride in who they are and where they come from. In my opinion, this is what makes AHOPE such a special place. It’s something that these kids wear their identity with such confidence.

Lining up to receiving their shirts at "big" AHOPE

The kids of "big" AHOPE showing off their shirts


Thank you very much for your continued support of the AHOPE Store. While a vast majority of the funds go to provide the essentials to the children at AHOPE, it’s wonderful to be able to do something like this, simply for the purpose of happiness.

As I said, the t-shirts were such a big hit that the AHOPE staff wanted their own! In 2009 we plan on providing t-shirts to the entire staff. These dedicated individuals deserve to boldly display their pride and commitment as well.

Saturday, October 25, 2008

AHOPE Store Sneek Peak

Check out the AHOPE Store It just gets better and better. We are now offering Hoodies, Holiday cards, and Handcrafted Sterling Silver jewelry. Some of the items haven't been officially launched yet, but they are available. It's not too early to shop for the holidays!

If you are a sponsor, adoptive family, or a friend of AHOPE, you will be interested to know that the Sterling Silver pendants and key chains can be personalized on the back for no additional charge. A name, date, or up to five words can be added. They are fabulous!

We'll make an announcement about our new items on the AHOPE Yahoo group soon, but if you happened to stop by the blog, you got the special sneek peak.


Wednesday, October 8, 2008

AHOPE Store Items!

We are very excited about the AHOPE Store which benefits the children of AHOPE. Sales of T-Shirts and Bracelets are going strong. Thank you for your support. Hoodies, Long Sleeve T-Shirts, Specialty sterling silver jewelry, AHOPE Coffee, and Holiday Cards are now available!

Here are photos of some of our items:

Stainless Steel Bracelets which feature an AHOPE child's name, the AHOPE for Children logo, and the Amharic word for Hope. $10.00 each.

Honor a special child at AHOPE by commissioning a set of bracelets with his or her name. Memorial bracelets are also available to remember AHOPE children who have passed away.

The following items can also be ordered on our new AHOPE Store site, which is still under construction. Please check back often to see new items that are being added. Don't forget that it isn't too early to begin shopping for the holidays!

Youth Hoodie in Black $19.50. Adult Hoodies are also available.

Contemporary-Fit Unisex T-shirts in Espresso $20.00

Contemporary-Fit Ladies T-shirt in Clean Denim and Contemporary- Fit Unisex T-Shirt in Espresso (Black and White also available) $20.00

Youth T-shirts in Violet and Pink (Black and Natural also available) $10.00

Toddler T-Shirt in Black (Light Blue and Pink also available) $10.00

Infant One-Piece With Shoulder Snaps in Pink (Light Blue and White also available) $10.00

Thank you for stopping by the AHOPE for Children blog.


Wednesday, September 17, 2008

AHOPE Bracelets

The AHOPE bracelets have arrived and they look great. The bracelets are to honor and remember a child at AHOPE. The include the AHOPE logo, the name of a child currently residing at AHOPE, and the Amharic symbols spelling "hope."

If you would like to receive a bracelet please send an email to indicating the quantity desire along with your mailing address. We will then invoice you for a $10 donation per bracelets.

**Proceeds go to support the children of AHOPE**

Friday, September 5, 2008

T-shirt raffle

Our next AHOPE raffle is for an AHOPE t-shirt. One dollar buys you a chance to win a shirt. This raffle ends on September 12th. Please consider donating just $1 to support AHOPE. Thank you!

Please go here to donate:

Saturday, August 9, 2008

Ethiopian Drum Raffle

This gorgeous Ethiopian drum was donated to us by Laura Dergel on her recent trip to Addis Ababa. For every dollar you donate to AHOPE for Children between now and the end of the month, you will receive an entry in the raffle for this drum. The drawing will be held on September 1st.

You can make your donation through our Facebook Cause (a minimum $10 donation is required by Facebook) or by clicking on the PayPal link below.

Let's set a goal of $250!

Friday, July 18, 2008

"You get Lemonade, We get Life!"

Tammy and her daughters raised $265.00 for AHOPE with their lemonade stand.

"You get Lemonade, We get Life!" was the slogan developed by the daughters of Tammy Kelly who chose AHOPE for Children as the beneficiary of their fundraising efforts. The girls, ages 13, 10, and 6, applied for the opportunity to receive a special fundraising kit including cans of lemonade for their selected charity. The girls received 100 cans of lemonade which were sold for $1.00 each. They were very pleased to raise not only the $100.00 of their original goal but an additional $165.00 in donations. They also distributed many AHOPE brochures.

Thank you to Tammy and her daughters for devoting their time, talent, and energy to raise needed funds for the children of AHOPE!

~Lisa Qualls
AHOPE Director of Development

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

AHOPE T-Shirts are Now Available!

Click on the photo to see a larger image.

Be among the first to wear an AHOPE t-shirt and support the children of AHOPE with your purchase!

We are very excited to launch the sale of our first AHOPE store item, AHOPE t-shirts. T-shirts are available in all sizes, from infant to adult 4XL, and in several colors. All children's shirts are $10 and adult shirts are $20. Shipping is free with the purchase of seven shirts or more.

Support AHOPE and spread the word! Send us a photo of your family in AHOPE shirts and we will post it on our blog. We know your kids are cute, and you will love seeing them smiling out from this page.

100% of the proceeds benefit the children of AHOPE.

Please contact me for shipping information outside of the contiguous United States.

To purchase your AHOPE T-Shirt, please visit our temporary store:

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