Wednesday, July 2, 2008

AHOPE T-Shirts are Now Available!

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Be among the first to wear an AHOPE t-shirt and support the children of AHOPE with your purchase!

We are very excited to launch the sale of our first AHOPE store item, AHOPE t-shirts. T-shirts are available in all sizes, from infant to adult 4XL, and in several colors. All children's shirts are $10 and adult shirts are $20. Shipping is free with the purchase of seven shirts or more.

Support AHOPE and spread the word! Send us a photo of your family in AHOPE shirts and we will post it on our blog. We know your kids are cute, and you will love seeing them smiling out from this page.

100% of the proceeds benefit the children of AHOPE.

Please contact me for shipping information outside of the contiguous United States.

To purchase your AHOPE T-Shirt, please visit our temporary store:

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indigo bird said...

Color swatches would be helpful...especially for violet. Is it feminine purple or more unisex purple?

Thankfulmom said...

Color swatches are a great idea. We are working on it right now. I would say that the violet is a feminine purple.


TheHappyNeills said...

Is the logo the same color regardless of the shirt color? Thanks!

darci said...

me again! the html to post the link worked great, thanks! but i can't find my way to the store?? any other links? i'd liketo buy a shirt (or two) :)

Sarah said...

I can't get to the store site-- has the address changed? WOuld like to order a couple of shirts. Thanks.

Thankfulmom said...

Thanks for your comments! We didn't realize that the link to the order form was broken. It is up and running now, so please give it another try.

As for the logo colors, the logo is red outlined with white. We have plans to add another logo color which will allow us to add more t-shirt colors as well.

Thank you for supporting AHOPE!


Stephanie said...

Hi there, I tried to find the ahope store, but none of the links seem to be working... help please??

Unknown said...

Hi Guys - Matt Sutherland here! There have been big changes at AHOPE for Children, the biggest being that the main office has moved from Washington State to the Los Angeles area. We're trying to update all areas of information, including the sites and blogs, etc. Some of you asked about the store, I noted. The AHOPE store has moved to

We hope to get everything, including this blog updated for you all very soon.

Thanks for all your help and concern for the children of AHOPE.

Scott Klamert said...

Link to your store is not working.