Thursday, June 17, 2010

Something simple

It's a simple memory of mine but one that has made a big impact. When you leave AHOPE Ethiopia after volunteering they have a goodbye ceremony. The kids usually make a card and sing. Amazing stuff but not what I want to write about. After I walked out of the school room one of the older girls at little AHOPE walked over to me. She tugged at my skirt and pointed at my card and then would take her hand and pat her chest. It took just once and a look at her face for me to realize what she was saying. I got down to her level and said "Did you write this?" and her face beamed, her head was nodding "yes" but the pride in her eyes and smile said it even louder. I told her it was the most beautiful card I had ever received and I meant it. That trip made me realize that AHOPE is not just about a group of children, it is about the uniqueness of EACH individual child. A life changed, hope given. While that journey may take turns none of us like to see we keep fighting, we keep going, we keep hoping for change because every child deserves a chance at something better.