Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Join us

Please join the For the Love of Our Kids Campaign. Help us find 14 sponsors by February 14th to support AHOPE for Children. Childhood should be a carefree time, filled with laughter, learning and family. For one million Ethiopian children, this is not a reality. AIDS had decimated their lives – orphaning them and leaving many of them HIV positive.
Imagine... a whole generation without family, health, or hope. It’s unfathomable. Amid the desperation is AHOPE for Children, a highly effective nonprofit that runs two amazing homes for HIV-affected Ethiopian children as well as a Child Development Center serving over 300 children. AHOPE protects and respects the Ethiopian culture while caring for and finding adoptive homes for these homeless children.
For just $35 a month, you can make a profound impact on those who need us the most. Do it for the love of our children. To sign up for our sponsorship program please visit our website.