Tuesday, November 30, 2010


Dec. 1, 2010 This day marks a day when all over the world people are increasing their efforts to change how HIV/AIDS impacts our world. They are educating, singing, pleading, discussing - they are making a difference. Hopefully a difference that will carry all the way until WORLD AIDS DAY 2011. I hope this post will encourage you to step out and more importantly step up so that a child living, fighting in Ethiopia will also live to see next year's WORLD AIDS DAY.

I believe in change and that one person can make a difference. I'm an AHOPE volunteer and I believe that even if I just make a change for one child it will be worth it. I've met the children of AHOPE Ethiopia. They have dreams and hopes and the strength to do some amazing things with their lives and they deserve the chance to live those dreams. So be a part of making a difference. Consider sponsorship, get creative on fundraising, educate yourself on HIV and AIDS, find an event in your community...

Find a way to make a difference.